STCW 2010 Basic Safety Training (5 Modules)


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STCW 2010 Basic Safety Training



Courses held at our dedicated training facility in North Shields.


Important Notice:

This course is a legal requirement to have if you are to be employed or engaged, in any capacity, on board a ship and signed on as part of the ships crew/business and have designated security or safety duties.


Course Content:

Covering all aspects of general safety on board and providing you with the safety knowledge and skills to confidently embark and operate on merchant vessels the course includes 5 modules:


  • Personal Survival Techniques, STCW 2010 VI/1 Section A-VI/1 2.1.1. This explains when and how to react during a man overboard scenario or abandon ship. Covering the equipment available including the use of floating devices and survival techniques/knowledge and what to expect and how to increase the chances of surviving at sea.
  • Fire Prevention and Fire fighting, STCW 2010 VI/1 Section A-VI/1, 2.1.2. Fire on board a ship is considered the most feared of all hazards at sea and this module looks at how to prevent, identify, reduce or extinguish fires in a maritime environment. Covering the use of breathing apparatus, fixed and portable fire fighting appliances including the principle of fire containment is the focus.
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility, STCW 2010, VI/1 Section A-VI/1, 1-4. Provides training on vessel safety procedures, accident prevention and an overview of the working environment on merchant ships. Understanding ones actions at sea is a fundamental part of this module also with focus on pollution prevention, environmental responsibilities and crew emergency procedures.
  • Elementary First Aid, STCW 2010, VI/1 Section A-VI1, 1-3. Provides the necessary basic skills and knowledge to deal with medical emergencies on board ship including initial actions, casualty assessment, improvisation, shock management and resuscitation application and principles.
  • Proficiency in Security Awareness (PSA) STCW A-VI/6-1



This combined training (five modules) will be delivered over six days. Candidates can attend seperate modules if preferred.


Call us for more information on our dedicated course line between 0900-2000, 7 days a week: +44 (0)191 406 5383


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