Graspan Frankton have a wealth of experience operating across the globe, by doing so gives us the ability to plan, assist and support dynamic business requirements ranging from domestic to the most remote and austere complexities of hostile environments.

Training Services

At Graspan Frankton our core efforts are focused on the provision and development of high-quality training, delivered through a wide range of Internationally recognised training programs, which will provide effective and long-term benefits to your business.

Working alongside the UK's leading industry training and service providers and having attained the highest possible accreditation for its training courses, Graspan Frankton has developed a methodical and thoughtful approach towards operational success, which will ensure that clients take full advantage of personal and commercial opportunities, resulting in the delivery of unhindered benefits.

The foundation of our successful delivery is based on integrity, honesty, energy and positive engagement where the client will benefit and develop through interactive learning, empowerment and enablement. Our training portfolio will engage clients from private and commercial sectors giving them the highest standards of learning value and accreditation possible with real time operational; benefits taught by field experts.

Risk Consultancy

Our core business is the planning, development and provision of logical and cost-effective risk mitigation solutions to enable resilience and continuity throughout your business, enabling you to remain ahead of the game and maximise operational opportunities. Our team of security risk consultancy experts can deliver bespoke and tailored services to enable you to identify, manage and mitigate current, potential or future risks.


  • Threat and risk assessments
  • Business continuity management sysytems (BCMS)
  • Crisis management
  • Contingency planning
  • Incident management
  • Journey management
  • Custom intelligence reporting
  • Penetration testing

Protective Services

Graspan Frankton can provide a range of confidential, bespoke designed security protective strategies and services to effectively resolve current issues and advise on preventative solutions for the future. Our services complement our clients’ needs, enabling our clients to focus their efforts on their core business reassured by our protective support.

Our team of proven professional operatives are selected to provide flawless protective solutions. Our Executive Asset Protection Services are uniquely designed to ensure the safety of our clients and their business interests.


  • Close Protective services of an individual, family or assets
  • Risk, threat and vulnerbility assessments
  • Estate & venue security management
  • Protective surveillance
  • Travel risk management services and advice
  • Counter surveillance
  • Commercial asset protection
  • Secure logistics
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Investigation & Surveillance

Graspan Frankton was formed in 2011 by former UK Elite Forces and Covert Law Enforcement personnel. GF understands that every situation demands a tailored response and we can meet your needs by deploying the highest quality of leading-edge surveillance technology across electronic audio, visual and tracking equipment when required.

Graspan Frankton have successfully conducted covert surveillance and investigation operations across many industry sectors ranging from mystery shoppers in the retail sector to placing undercover employees in a company which suspects a potential or serious problem within the workforce. Often a discrete undercover operation is critical to truly understand the extent of a problem and achieving a compelling resolution.

Whether your looking for evidence of wrongdoing, fraud or suspect a partner of infidelity, our range of services capabilities are discreet, professional and effective and are designed to assist clients protect their business, manage risk and control any potential damage to an organisation, its brand or trademark. Our significant experience in this area of undercover investigation is varied and includes; internal theft, embezzlement, corporate fraud, misappropriation of funds and transfer of assets, poor performance issues, corporate sabotage, diversification of trade and evidence gathering.

Our Services include:

  • Foot, Mobile and Static Surveillance
  • Covert and Overt Surveillance
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Person Tracking
  • Room and Venue Sweeps
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Fraud investigations