At Graspan Frankton our core efforts are focused on the provision and development of high-quality training, delivered through a wide range of Internationally recognised training programs, which will provide effective and long-term benefits to your business.

Security Awareness for Academic Establishments

This course is delivered to teaching establishments and students to build awareness, confidence and install preventive measures to provide a safe teaching environment.

Cost: POA

Duration: 1-3 days depending on request

Dates: Contact us for more details

T: +44 (0) 191 466 1176


Our training has a low key, common sense approach that raises that awareness and defence through a mixture of classroom lessons and scenario-based training, where we involve everyone in the decision-making process and providing the solutions. We not only deliver preventative training and incident training but also post incident training so that any ensuing issues can be dealt with effectively.

Our 1 Day course covers the following training:

  • Trauma Management
  • Threats and Risk
  • Edged weapon awareness
  • Situational awareness
  • Conflict management and conflict resolution
  • Basic Self defence
  • Scenario Training