Excellence – Innovation - Integrity

“At Graspan Frankton our core efforts are focused on the provision and development of high-quality security risk management and training solutions”.

Our core focus is on the provision and development of highly efficient Security Risk Management, Business Continuity and associated training activities.

With global economic change and an increase in dynamic threats present new encounters for businesses. Logically we must prepare now for tomorrows challenges.

It is important to ensure that we remain responsive to change and assist our clients through existing and new opportunities. Graspan Frankton is keen to promote clear direction and structure that is underpinned by strong ethical values. This, enveloped with vision, discretion and integrity, is how we aim to assist our valued clients in achieving this.

Effective Security management and business resilience depend on the analysis of threats and vulnerabilities, which may threaten operational effectiveness. By understanding these identified areas, we can act to maximise operational outputs and resilience by presenting solution-based advice, which strengthen cost effectiveness and operational procedures to enable performance enhancement to the optimum level.


The Graspan Frankton vision is to provide the best security, resilience and safety solutions for business. We pride ourselves on being the vanguard of security risk and safety best practice. To maintain this, we must:

  • Be accountable for our actions
  • Inspire our people to achieve
  • Possess an interconnected world view
  • Stimulate an outward facing culture