About Us

The Spean Bridge Memorial Silhouette


As the world changes in front of our eyes with the fast pace of growth, global economic change and competition, this presents new encounters for businesses. Logically we must now prepare for tomorrows challenges.


It is important therefore to ensure that we remain responsive to change and assist our clients through existing and new opportunities. Graspan Frankton is keen to promote clear direction and structure that is underpinned by strong ethical values. This, enveloped with vision, discretion and integrity, is how we aim to assist our valued clients in achieving this.




The Graspan Frankton vision is to provide the best security and safety solution for industry, where the experts look when they have a security or safety concern. We pride ourselves on being at the vanguard of security and safety best practice. To maintain this we must:


  • Be accountable for our actions
  • Inspire our people to achieve
  • Possess an interconnected worldview
  • Stimulate an outward facing culture




The values of Graspan Frankton span way beyond the conception of the company and this is underlined within the history of the company name.


The battle of Graspan in 1899 personifies the unselfish approach we take towards success. During this battle in South Africa, Royal Marines made the decision, known that huge losses were expected, to advance over open ground and attack the Boer Forces. Understanding that overall victory could only be obtained through this noble sacrifice.


Operation Frankton, 43 years later, would see again the self-sacrificing act where 10 brave Royal Marines set out to inflict maximum destruction during World War 2. Dropped off in the Atlantic Ocean they canoed for several days up the River Gironde in France where only 4 would make it alive. After sabotaging many German Navy and Merchant ships only 2 would return home.